Complete Thruway Information

From NYC to Buffalo and everywhere in between, get information along the entire New York State Thruway.

Traffic Alerts

Get traffic alerts, travel advisory messages, and traffic camera feeds straight from 511NY and the New York Thruway Authority.

See What's Ahead

Find out what is around you and what's up ahead on New York's Thruway; exits, rest stops, parking areas, and more...

Integrated Google Places

Save time and find the best places off each exit


All the information you need in one app

Detailed Exit Data

Find the best places to shop, eat, and get your car repaired at each exit

Access to 150+ Traffic Cameras

Get up-to-date camera photos feed for the entire Thruway

Travel Plaza Info

Find the closest rest stops and what's at each one

Information Share

Text or email friends and family about traffic alerts, advisories, and cameras

Auto refreshing data

Just turn the app on and drive; NY Thruway Guide will automatically display the closest travel information based on your current location

Quick access to map data

Cached map points provide fast access when viewing in map mode


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Lockport Union-Sun & Journal
UB Reporter
The Post Journal
Utica Observer Dispatch
Dunkirk Observer
The Buffalo News
Buffalo Rising
Buffalo Business First


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